Our Principles

From top down, Industrial lives by these principles every day - it's what makes us who we are.

  • Position employees to succeed
  • Communicate early and often
  • Put the user first
  • Accept change
  • Be transparent
  • Embrace process
  • Think Radically

We're a great
group of people

We hire the best and position them to succeed. Our employees' success is our success. We aren't experts at everything and don't pretend like we are. If we don't feel we are well suited for your project, we'll tell you just that.

Jeff Horne

Founder and CEO

Laura Mindorff

Chief Operating Officer

Mel Cowell

General Manager

Anthony Yannos

Team Lead - Project Management

Erin Hendrick

Senior Project Manager

Cédric Leduc

Project Manager

Naomi Joanis

Team Lead - UX + Creative

Patrick Harris

UI/UX Designer

Ishany Balder

UX Researcher + Designer

Mado Ghazel

UX Researcher + Designer

Rob Ferguson

Team Lead - Web Development

Anthony Colas

Web Developer

Stéphanie Ducasse

Web Developer

Ashley Miller

Web Developer

Alain Dwight

Web Developer

We co-create with
our clients

The concept of co-creation is at the heart of what we do. With experience, we've learned that the closer we work with our clients, the better the results - guaranteed. Our senior staff are involved at every step of a project, not just the initial pitch. The design and development on our projects is iterative. We engage our clients at every step of the project, gritty or otherwise in same way that we're exposed to their challenges. We will make something great, together.

Industrial's approach to collaborative working sessions was key to the successful launch of the new CADTH.ca website. We worked directly with the Industrial team to form a cohesive project team; the results were fantastic!

Paul Ting  CADTH