In one of our recent retrospectives, we got talking about the importance of positivity. Much like negativity, it’s contagious. Within the team, there was a strong desire to recognize each other’s success and it was clear we needed some sort of employee recognition program, but not just any program would do. It had to be peer-to-peer based, it had to be digital, and it had to integrate with our beloved Slack. Enter is a peer-to-peer based recognition platform that allows each team member to give each other “points” or dollars throughout the month for doing something awesome. Its transparent nature allows everyone on the team to see who is being rewarded for what, when and by who. Once you have received a certain number of points, you can redeem them for various rewards we have in our catalogue, such as a team trip to DQ, lunch with the CEO or an extra day off work. There are also charitable donation options or you can even use your rewards to purchase more points to give away more to your team (each person only gets 15 points/dollars to give each month).

One of the great things about is that each reward given has to tie into one of Industrial’s core values. We were able to choose up to 12 of our values within the settings and they are reflected as hashtags when a person gives a reward. The values we have selected are: #teamwork, #leadership, #problem-solving, #customer-service, #optimism, #gratitude, #grit, #shared-understanding, #doitlive, #work-ethic, #greatidea, #goodcommunicationsolvesmostproblems. There are great analytics built into the backend of so you can see which values are trending at any given time. to Slack message





And perhaps the greatest thing of all, is the Slack to integration. Our team uses Slack to communicate about pretty much everything and the integration allows our team to never have to leave Slack in order to give someone a reward. It’s a beautiful thing. to Slack message