2016 May 27

I once read an article called “9 Things that Make Good Employees Quit” and at the time I was working for an employer that fit the bill for all the things a manager should NOT do. I remember thinking “Is there such thing as a the perfect job?” While the answer to that question is completely subjective, I do feel like there are certain generic things that factor into finding “Career Perfection.”

Over time I’ve learned that all the “pieces of the pie” must fit in order to be truly happy at my work. The order of the “pieces” and the “happiness percentage” required might be completely different for someone else but for myself here is how it all stacked up. In the past I have had to sacrifice some aspects in order to get others, but with Industrial I finally feel like I found the whole package.

So how did I evaluate Industrial for the role of “perfect job?”

1. Work-life Balance

Life is busy! We all have commitments and responsibilities. With children, those commitments and responsibilities double or in my case triple. No matter how much I love my job, I love my kids more and until they are settled and safe at school each day I can’t focus on my day. I used to apologize for having outside commitments, but no more. Now I look for an employer that respects my values just as much as I will respect theirs. I have made a commitment when I step through that door that I will give 100%, so having an employer that understands that kids get sick, hurt, etc., and once in awhile you may not be able to put in a full day, is wonderful.

I once asked Industrial about sick days and the response I got was “We’re all adults here, if you're sick stay home. When you feel better, come back stronger than ever (within 3 days) with the understanding that you will get your work caught up.” Wow! What a concept, treated like adult. TRUSTED like an adult!

2. Support, Trust & Respect

When I saw the advertisement for my position, the first thing I did was go to the website. There in the fine print in the Guiding Principles it says “We position employees to succeed.” This statement couldn’t be more true, from the training, knowledge transfers, continuous support and consistent open-door policy, I feel the possibilities for growth and success are unlimited.

3. Team Environment - Collaboration, Cooperation

Entering an existing team environment is always hard. Will they like you? Will they respect you? Can they work with you? I know people who have stayed at jobs they don’t enjoy for the fear of switching teams. I truly believe that with big risk comes big rewards and this philosophy has truly paid off at Industrial. From the first day, and subsequent ones since, I always feel like I’m truly welcome and part of the team. It’s obvious that the level of respect among my team is ongoing and nurtured by a caring management team. How long is it since someone patted you on the back? I have had employers that rarely focus on the good, but at Industrial, with an incentive program like Bonus.ly and a monthly retrospective, we hash out the good & bad for every project and every success is celebrated. In our agile environment we use retros to discuss and brainstorm ways to constantly improve as a team and as a company. When’s the last time your company did that?

4. Actual Job Description

So many times the job description is just a bunch of words on paper and the actual day-to-day responsibilities are far different from the description you initially agreed upon.  At Industrial your position is considered your area of expertise where your ideas, experience and input are considered and valued. Industrial’s core values and procedures are clearly mapped out so getting up to speed quickly isn’t an issue. At Industrial they “position employees to succeed.”

5. Salary & Distance

These 2 are completely subjective based on your living situation but without the first 4 “pieces” in place, I wouldn’t be able to be truly happy. Fortunately, the commute isn’t long enough to be annoying and the salary is respectable enough to feel valued.

So when all those “pieces” fit in place it’s easy to say “Yes, I LOVE MY JOB!”.