Post Hockey Playoff Season

How about that local sports team? As annual season seat holders and long-time Ottawa Senators fans, our team at Industrial has definitely taken a beating of our own during the intense playoff season. We've had our ups (Pageau's 4 goal game against the Rangers), and we've had our downs (game 5 against the Penguins). And yes, we're pretty sure that the successes or failures of the Sens were directly correlated to our ridiculous superstitious rituals:

"Do I wear my jersey or just hang it over my chair like I did last game?"

"I must eat the exact same lunch with the exact same fork as I did the last time we won."

"Let's go eat in the same restaurant and sit in the same booth as we did last time" (ended up losing that night because we didn't get the same waiter!)

We're very proud of our Sens and can't wait until next season, but they're not the only ones with an injury list. We're pretty confident that any company or family in Ottawa has endured injuries during the playoffs as well, so we thought we would share ours: 

Post NHL Playoffs - Industrial Injury List
Name Injury Status / Treatment
L. Mindorff

Neck hurts when turned to the left.


J. Horne

Extreme left shoulder pain, very difficult to shoulder check while driving to the office.

Contemplating physiotherapy.

R. Knuth

Nagging back injury and sad.

Consistent exposure to puppies.

C. Richardson

Diminished sense of smell.

Happy to leave untreated.

D. Ethier


Should be cleared up soon.

T. Appleby

Bruised heart, broken hand (cause undisclosed).


K. Andrews

Knee pain when sitting for long periods of time.

No surgery needed, but on the watchlist.

It's a good thing Industrial offers a great health benefits plan with competitive compensation! #wearehiring

Here's to next season! Go Sens Go!