A year and a half ago, the Industrial crew packed up our offices on Carling Avenue and moved to a new workshop in the heart of Westboro. Working with the great architectural and design teams at Robertson Martin Architects, and the construction crew managed by Huntington Properties, we custom designed and built this great space that we get to enjoy every day.

A key part of the design process was to focus on an “industrial” feel for the office: exposed duct work, industrial-inspired lighting, and unfinished metal door frames. We wanted to live the Industrial brand, and the results have been amazing: we love our space.

Photo of the Industrial office

Lighting was an important part of the office design: we have large open spaces, but also closed offices and many collaborative spaces for running our daily stand-ups and working sessions with clients. We went with metal fluorescent lights for the larger spaces, and 30+ smaller ceiling-mount caged fixtures elsewhere. We’re blessed with an immense amount of natural light thanks to the large floor-to-ceiling windows that face onto Richmond Road, but with our short winter days here in Ottawa, we knew that having lots of light would be important in our workshop.

Photo of the Industrial office

Our existing T8 fluorescent lights are much more efficient than old T12 technology, but our caged fixtures had 100W incandescent bulbs installed. Multiply that by 30 fixtures, and that’s a lot of wasted energy. A couple of weeks ago we had a visit from a Hydro Ottawa representative, asking if we’d like to take part in a program to help save energy. The Small Business Lighting Program provides businesses with up to $1,500 in free energy efficient lighting upgrades, so we jumped at the opportunity.

Photo of a light fixture at the Industrial office

Last week contractors arrived and replaced all of our inefficient 100W incandescents with new, high-efficiency Luminus 11.5W LED bulbs. So far we’ve all noticed how much brighter the office is and, in addition, these bulbs use approximately 1/10th of the electricity compared to the old ones. We’ll no doubt see a significant drop in our electricity bills and given these new bulbs can last 40,000 hours we’ll be enjoying their bright light for years.

We’d like to thank Hydro Ottawa for this excellent program and for the opportunity to reduce Industrial’s environmental footprint. If you’re a small business, contact Hydro Ottawa to see if you qualify!