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The Business Council of Canada (BCC) is comprised of chief executives and entrepreneurs of over 150 leading Canadian companies, operating in every sector and region of the country. Their member organizations, directly and indirectly, support more than six million jobs across the country and hundreds of thousands of small businesses. Drawing on the experiences and expertise of their members, they provide unique insights, data-driven policy recommendations and in-depth analysis across a broad range of economic and social issues.


The Challenge

The existing website did not reflect the broad audience base BCC works to serve and perpetuated the idea that it's an organization by and for CEOs. Though they frequently release in-depth reports and thought-provoking publications, their existing site lacked the structure to meaningfully organize content in a way that spoke to the organization's mission of building a better future for all Canadians. 

In addition, the visual design did not reflect the modern, impactful and innovative organization that they intended to communicate to their audience.

The Outcome


Create a site that engages all Canadians 

  • Create a topic-based content organization to allow users to browse all content related to subject matters of interest.
  • Engage diverse perspectives by creating “member content” publications.
  • Integration of podcast and video content throughout the site.
  • Showcasing the success and impact of BCC through the about page sections.


Position BCC as a thought leader in the business policy sphere

  • Create features on report pages to make content more digestible, encourage sharing and retention of key takeaway messages.
  • Create initiative timelines to showcase BCC’s impact and actions across the years,
  • Leverage “authors” feature to tie BCC members and staff to the content they publish. 
  • Integrate the “Speaking of Business” podcast throughout the site.


Increase User Retention

  • Showcase new content on main landing pages in an editorial style fashion to encourage users to return to the site for new content.
  • Showcase related and featured content within the context of where the user is on the page.
  • Create a layered approach for their content structure to pull users in by the area of interest, and reveal more content from there.
  • Encourage sharing/downloading of content to expand BCC’s network and reach.


Strengthen BCC’s Digital Presence

  • Create a strong digital foundation to accommodate future growth and expansion of their brand/content. 
  • Ensure responsive, accessible web design for all users.
  • Implementation of engaging micro-interactions to bring forward the digital brand.
  • Creating a modern, impactful and professional look and feel for the website.


UX Research

Content Inventory

To better understand the scope of work, we conducted a complete inventory of all content on the website. We worked with the client to determine what content would be added and removed. This served as a basis for mapping content from their existing site to the new site. 

Discovery Workshop

After gaining a complete understanding of the content and existing website structure, we hosted a 2-hour discovery session to understand BCC user's pain points and motivations while addressing the company's business goals.


Based on the insights from the discovery session, we defined clear patterns in user motivations and needs, which translated to proto-personas to guide the UX strategy.

Discovery Report

To ensure both teams were aligned with the project's goals, we created a discovery report to outline the key findings from the discovery phase and our recommendations.

Goal-to-Feature Matrix

Using the goals and recommendations defined in the previous stages, we created a matrix to match the two together. This ensured we were planning features that would address the identified business and user goals and help prioritize our efforts. 

UX Design

Information Architecture + Taxonomy Definition

The goals of the information architecture for the redesign were to accommodate various browsing patterns of their user groups (by content type or topic), ensure a logical and contextual pathway to content, and provide a clear hierarchical organization of the content types.

We worked closely with the BCC team to define topics and sub-topics to organize the content with, the various content types the website would allow, and the key meta-data for the content.


Once the content types were determined, we translated insights from the research phase into wireframes to see how they could be accomplished from a design perspective. 

Key features included:

  • A sidebar topic navigation to allow users to preview content without needing to make a selection first.
  • Topic tags added on all content to allow for the discovery of related content and serve as a contextual guide
  • Features such as a sticky navigation header, table of contents, and key takeaway blocks on report pages to maximize retention of information. 
  • A connection between BCC authors and their published content, allowing users to quickly see posts written by specific thought leaders in the industry.

Content Mapping

Using the original content inventory as a guide, all content was mapped to its new locations in the information architecture and linked to a related template. This was used as a guide to help the BCC team understand how best to populate their brand new website. 

Visual Design

Mood board

To kick off the visual design process, a mood board was created to show how we could translate their brand goals into an updated look and feel. Colours, typography and UI elements were identified and applied to an initial concept to ensure alignment with the direction of the design process.


Following the mood board, the rest of the key pages were designed with the defined look and feel, delivered iteratively, incorporating client feedback. 

Inspired by editorial layouts, the pages reflect the innovative nature of the organization. Using white space, bold typography and high contrast to highlight key elements and make the content shine. 

Colour labelling for topics was developed to improve topic recognition and familiarity at a glance. This established a visual language that could be built upon and grow with the organization.


Micro-interactions were also designed for key actions on the site, further enhancing the new site identity and creating an engaging, fresh experience for BCC’s users.


Iterative Development

Once the mockups were signed off on, our development team ensured an implementation that matched them exactly. Key content types that were determined were delivered first, to allow the BCC team to get involved and interact with their new site as early as possible.

Training & Support

To support the team with their new website, we provided training and documentation to support them in the transition to their new site!


The updated Business Council of Canada website has transformed the way their content is presented and allows users to see the full scope of the work they do and keeps them engaged.. 

Organic discoverability of content, multiple pathways of navigation, and logical hierarchical organization was a key focus of this new site, that has allowed users to engage with BCC through their own context. 

Key features on content-heavy pages allow for easy scanning, retention of information and make it easy to share with others. 

The updated look and feel promotes BCC’s trustworthiness and quality and highlights the energy and impact of their organization.


"We're very happy with our partnership with Industrial that has enabled us to effectively tell our story and share how our members are making life better for all Canadians. We believe we now have the best website of any business organization, not just in Canada, but around the world. 

Howard Fremeth, Director, Communications at Business Council of Canada

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