Making Research Fun

As a research-based not-for-profit institution, focusing on monitoring the physical activity levels of the Canadians across the country and sharing information on the importance of having a healthy and active lifestyle, CFLRI was looking for a way to make their breadth of information more approachable.

The new design of the CFLRI website captures the energy of sports and fitness throughout, with a fresh colour palette and active photography and icons. 

Making it intuitive

Industrial leveraged the existing terminology and research categories to reimagine the way users will discover content. Segmenting information into broader topics and presenting quick snapshots of data leads users into reports.

Industrial worked with CFLRI to design a solution that will allow their users to create custom data tables — manipulating the vast data available according to their individual needs. 

CFLRI staff are empowered through an easy to use content management system. Ensuring content is managed across the organization, and is always current.

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