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Industrial deployed the Wicket, Member Data Platform that manages CSAE’s membership data and renewal processes and launched a brand new WordPress website at creating a powerful member engagement hub for the association.



As an organization with the title of the “Association of Associations,'' you better provide a digital hub that fosters communication and connectedness. CSAE knew their new web platform needed to deliver increased member value. The CSAE was aware that it created value for its members and stakeholders in the following diverse ways; events & networking, creation of an information hub, access to publications and an online store, education & certification efforts.

Every design, configuration, development, and user experience decision made throughout this digital transformation project was cross-checked and validated against this original ‘North-Star’ member value creation list.


Through our discovery sessions with the CSAE team, gaps and requirements were identified and needed to be addressed to make sure this project was a success. Specific themes emerged, which helped to define our ultimate deliverables:


Unite the CSAE national team through tools & techniques

Industrial received consensus that a new set of software tools was needed to be deployed and managed at the national level to create a more united, efficient, aligned and user focused CSAE workforce.


Website and member database integration, it was time

The CSAE website needed to be completely rebuilt. A lighter website, easy and intuitive to navigate, with a strong focus on key member capabilities was required to provide users with a quality user experience and access to important member content.


Deeply Focused Tools are required

CSAE generates its member value with a diverse set of activities and services and products. Industrial needed to empower the CSAE team with a number of world class web based software solutions for events, ecommerce, community and content management that would fully enable the team to deliver member value daily.



The Industrial team helped to refine needs and reimagined the organization’s technology infrastructure accordingly. Industrial worked closely with the CSAE leadership group to chart a course to support these requirements:



Membership Data Management

CSAE needed to store membership data for existing members, process renewals, and facilitate onboarding of new members across a variety of categories. To accomplish this, Industrial integrated Wicket, the world's first member data platform, a powerful tool for associations to integrate with best-in-class third-party software while maintaining a single source of truth and persistent member records.

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Event Management

Industrial integrated and supported CSAE’s event management needs with Pheedloop, a powerful event management system.

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Email Marketing

CSAE’s email communications with members was improved by implementing a best-in-class email platform with tight integration with the membership database for segmentation. MailChimp is the industry-leading email builder and includes a robust template library.

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Content Management

Industrial provided CSAE with a new website using a modern, feature-rich Content Management System, WordPress, empowering staff to manage and control website content with ease.

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Fostering a robust online community was critical to CSAE. Industrial accomplished this utilizing Higher Logic, a fully integrated online community platform which provided the ability to fully connect members to each other and to the CSAE organization.



The CSAE staff are now empowered with a fully integrated website and member database solution. The new website hub employs a cutting edge association member data management system in Wicket, and is powered by the world's most popular and intuitive CMS (WordPress). Member engagement continues to dramatically trend up and the CSAE has a modular web based solution that can grow and serve the organization and its members for years to come.


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