Wicket is a flexible, cloud-based database system specifically designed to integrate with the world's best software.

Imagine a platform that can store your core member or subscriber data, is based in the cloud, and is built to integrate with any third-party application. No more walls around your data.

Wicket makes this dream a reality. No longer do non-profits and associations need to put their data into bloated, over-priced, locked down proprietary software applications. With Wicket, take back your data, and provide your members or customers with the best possible user experience across your entire digital footprint.

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Our goals are simple:

free your data iconFree your data.
connectedness iconProvide connectedness.
ux iconImprove the user experience.
vendor agnostic iconVendor agnostic.

Affordable websites for small businesses.

Well Oiled Machine was born out of the desire to provide small businesses with an affordable solution for their website needs.


  • Mobile-friendly website
  • 45 day turnaround from start of project to launch!
  • Easily update your own content
  • Easily accepts payments online
Rob FergusonJune 28,2018


Why your website needs HTTPS | Savas Labs
For some time, major internet players have advocated for a ubiquitous, secure internet, touting the myriad benefits for all users and service providers of “H...

Adrian ParkerJune 28,2018

This is pretty interesting and thorough. https://blog.acolyer.org/2018/06/28/how-_not_-to-structure-your-database-backed-web-applications-a-study-of-performance-bugs-in-the-wild/

the morning paper
How not to structure your database-backed web applications: a study of performance bugs in the wild
How not to structure your database-backed web applications: a study of performance bugs in the wild Yang et al., ICSE’18 This is a fascinating study of the problems people get into when using ORMs to handle persistence concerns in their web applications. The authors study real-world applications and distil a catalogue of common performance anti-patterns. There are a bunch of familiar things in the list, and a few that surprised me with the amount of difference they can make. By fixing man…

Ryan KnuthJune 21,2018


Canada's first national accessibility law tabled in Ottawa | CBC News
Canadians with disabilities felt a surge of tempered optimism on Wednesday as they watched Canada table its first piece of federal legislation aimed at improving accessibility for people with disabilities.

Ryan KnuthJune 11,2018

This looks interesting http://digitalaccessday.ca/

Digital Access Day - June 19
Digital Access Day in Ottawa - Join us on June 19, 2018
Please join us for Digital Access Day in Ottawa, a day-long conference to dive into these issues, including connectivity in Indigenous communities, digital literacy, research on the digital divide, and the challenges of making Internet and connected devices affordable for everyone.

Ryan KnuthJune 8,2018


Automotive News
Hyundai, Xevo partner on in-vehicle payment concept
Hyundai customers will soon be able to pay for goods and services such as gasoline, food and parking spots through new technology developments and in-car purchasing options.

Ryan KnuthJune 5,2018

WCAG 2.1 is now a recommendation! https://www.w3.org/blog/news/archives/7061