Wicket is an open source member data solution.

Imagine a platform that can store your core member data, uses open source software, has no licensing fees, and is built to integrate with any third-party application. No more walls around your data.

Wicket makes this dream a reality. No longer do non-profits and associations need to put their data into bloated, over-priced, locked down proprietary software applications. With Wicket, take back your data, and provide your members with the best possible user experience across your entire digital footprint.

visit wicket.io

Our goals are simple:

free your data iconFree your data.
connectedness iconProvide connectedness.
ux iconImprove the user experience.
vendor agnostic iconVendor agnostic.
open source iconOpen source.

Affordable websites for small businesses.

Well Oiled Machine was born out of the desire to provide small businesses with an affordable solution for their website needs.


  • Mobile-friendly website
  • 45 day turnaround from start of project to launch!
  • Easily update your own content
  • Easily accepts payments online
Andrew MarkleMarch 20,2017

Some good resources for learning computer science instead of taking a CS degree: https://teachyourselfcs.com/

Teach Yourself Computer Science
All the resources you need to give yourself a world class computer science education

Andrew MarkleMarch 20,2017


Embracing Change: Rails 5.1 Adopts Yarn, Webpack, and the JS Ecosystem - Pixelated
Many naysayers would have you believe Rails is dead. Don't believe the hype. With the coming of Rails 5.1 and its embrace of the JS ecosytem, Rails is solidifying its position as the king of web frameworks.

Andrew MarkleMarch 16,2017

https://semaphoreci.com/blog/2017/03/14/faster-rails-how-to-check-if-a-record-exists.html?utm_source=rubyweekly&utm_medium=email Oops. I usually pepper .present? all over the place.

Faster Rails: How to Check if a Record Exists
If your Rails app is getting slower, here are some tips on how you can make your Active Record queries faster.

Terry ApplebyMarch 15,2017
Tarek AliMarch 15,2017

A quick revisit of our work categorization / delivery vehicles [the entity larger than Epics seem to be called Initiatives] https://www.atlassian.com/agile/delivery-vehicles?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=jira-insiders-newsletter_march-2017&jobid=100961392&subid=1313231645

Epics, Stories, Versions, and Sprints The Agile Coach
Read the difference between agile epics vs stories and how versions and sprints help software teams structure their work.

Rob FergusonMarch 15,2017


Solutions, Not Platforms: How Agencies Can Rock Drupal AND WordPress
There’s a tendency in our industry to think of Drupal and WordPress as opposing camps, like Xbox vs PlayStation or iOS vs Android. Agencies pick sides, defend their choice, feel slightly superior to those on the other side, and get deep into specialization.