Wicket is a flexible, cloud-based database system specifically designed to integrate with the world's best software.

Imagine a platform that can store your core member or subscriber data, is based in the cloud, and is built to integrate with any third-party application. No more walls around your data.

Wicket makes this dream a reality. No longer do non-profits and associations need to put their data into bloated, over-priced, locked down proprietary software applications. With Wicket, take back your data, and provide your members or customers with the best possible user experience across your entire digital footprint.

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Our goals are simple:

free your data iconFree your data.
connectedness iconProvide connectedness.
ux iconImprove the user experience.
vendor agnostic iconVendor agnostic.

Rob FergusonApril 3,2019


the Guardian
Mapped: historic public transit systems v their modern equivalents
Artist Jake Berman plots old public transport systems in period style. From LA to Toronto, San Francisco to Buffalo, he has created maps of cities’ modern transit too, so you can click and compare

Rob FergusonFebruary 25,2019


On November 2021, after over a decade, Drupal 7 will reach end of life (EOL).

Terry ApplebyFebruary 22,2019

Interesting, All of GitHub's menus & dialogs work without JavaScript making use of the html5 details element. https://twitter.com/Keithamus/status/1098260366017134592 https://github.com/muan/details-on-details

Ryan KnuthFebruary 4,2019

Pretty awesome Super Bowl commercial from Microsoft about the Xbox Adaptive Controller https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CM2QJO2IDFo

Rob FergusonJanuary 16,2019


Happy eighteenth birthday, Drupal
Dries is the Founder and Project Lead of Drupal and the Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer of Acquia.

Kevin AndrewsJanuary 2,2019

This is a great guideline that outlines some important accessibility rules https://uxdesign.cc/accessibility-guidelines-for-a-ux-designer-c3ba775539be

UX Collective
Accessibility guidelines for UX Designers – UX Collective
As a UX designer, it is important to build empathy and celebrate accessibility requirements as a set of design constraints to build a…