Adam BielinskiOctober 8,2019

US Supreme Court rules that retailers can be sued if their site isn't accessible:

Los Angeles Times
Supreme Court allows blind people to sue retailers if their websites are not accessible
The justices let stand an appeals court ruling that the Americans With Disabilities Act protects access to retailer websites and apps.

Adam BielinskiSeptember 26,2019

CSS Photo Filter Playground:

CSS Photo Filter Playground - Outpan
CSS Photo Filter Playground: A visual tool to create custom and Instagram like photo filters in CSS. ================================================== MIT License Copyright (c) 2016 Indrashish...

Adam BielinskiSeptember 20,2019

ColorBox by Lyft Design
Colorbox is a color tool to produce color sets.

Adam BielinskiSeptember 12,2019 - Can I Use, but for email clients
Can I email…
Support tables for HTML and CSS in emails.

Adam BielinskiSeptember 9,2019 - highlight as well as copy and paste and even edit and translate the text formerly trapped within images. It might work with text-to-speech engines as well

Rob FergusonSeptember 6,2019
Open-source vs Proprietary Software - Which One Is More Secure?
Security is a major concern in the web development arena. Hence, it is vital for companies to pick the right WCMS - Open-source or proprietary software?