2015 Jul 30

Affordable websites for small businesses

At Industrial we get to build websites, web applications and mobile applications for clients of varying sizes. Our expertise is working with medium- to large-size businesses and associations with moderate to complex internal data structures; clients who have membership databases; clients with large content repositories; or clients who require third party application integrations.

But what about the small businesses? What about the clients needing a simple yet compelling digital solution for a modest budget? What about the clients who don’t have an internal communications department and don’t have the time or desire to learn how to build their own website?

For years we have had to turn away those small business clients because we have not been able to offer them an affordable solution within the scope and scale our team is used to working with. Well not any longer!

Over the past couple months, a few of us have been busy spinning up a new division of Industrial called Well Oiled Machine

It is targeted at small businesses needing an affordable, yet professional looking website. We will build you a website in 45 days for $4,000.

Team Well Oiled Machine.
Team Well Oiled Machine.

Using Squarespace (a user friendly, easy to maintain website platform), we have come up with a model that allows us to design websites that are professional, mobile friendly and up-to-date. We will show you how you can easily manage and control your own content without relying on anyone else. We have designed a process that is simple, clear and will get you the website you have always wanted in 45 days! 

In addition, Well Oiled Machine offers add-on products in case you need more than just a website. We offer branding (logo + style guide), professional photography (commercial + head shots) and SEO coaching, all for affordable package prices. 

We are all excited about this new venture! Go check us out at welloiledmachine.ca to see examples of our work and what you can expect from the process. Because small businesses need beautiful websites too!