Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada



The Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada is a non-profit organization representing Canada’s leading pharmacy organizations, with close to 11,000 pharmacies in communities across Canada. 

Within their existing website, Neighbourhood Pharmacies lacked the framework to successfully communicate the value and scope of work being done by the organization to their distinct audiences. The primary website was predominantly public-facing, providing only a broad overview, while their members’ area was siloed and limited, making it difficult to find the breadth of research and publications produced by the association.



A thorough discovery process allowed us to understand the core focus of the organization, their current challenges, and the value it brings to its members. Based on this understanding we sought to:


Tightly integrate with the association’s member data platform (Wicket)

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Profile management
  • Role/permission syncing


Improve the member experience

  • Discoverable, meaningful content
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Personalized account centre


Facilitate ease of publishing and content management

  • Smart content organization and robust tagging 
  • Dynamic, custom templates
  • Best in class Drupal implementation


Strengthen Neighbourhood Pharmacies' digital presence

  • Evolve the brand through a fresh look and feel
  • Responsive, accessible web design for all users
  • Solid digital foundation ready for future growth and system integrations



A thorough taxonomy and content structure to maximize findability

Website admins have been empowered with a robust taxonomy, so content pieces can be tagged in various ways to allow intuitive search and filtering of content, as well as in context presentation—delivering streamlined content management and frictionless user experience. 

Custom page types for key pieces of content 

Our research process uncovered some key content areas that should be leveraged to promote the core work of the association. By designing bespoke templates around these pieces, Neighbourhood Pharmacies can easily create and maintain this content while ensuring it is discoverable and engaging for users.  

  • Focus Issues pages collect position statements and relevant content around a core advocacy issue and present it according to the user’s level of access—making sure users see the content that is meant for them.
  • Research and Publications that were previously buried are now showcased in a scannable grid format with succinct summaries. Searching by keyword, and filtering by topic or publication type means users can easily find what they are looking for.

Personalized Member Account Centre

The account centre for logged-in members is integrated directly with the association’s member data platform, Wicket, allowing members to view and update their own account information and manage their preferences, ensuring the association always has the most up-to-date information.

This personalized area also displays each member’s upcoming registered events via API integration with their event management system, Pheedloop.

Making Research Engaging 

As part of our collaborative working process, we were able to get early insights from the Neighbourhood Pharmacies team around goals for the look and feel and the evolution of the brand through the website.

By balancing the vibrant brand colour palette with the use of white space we were able to create a product that reflects the brand objectives: Dynamic; Professional; Approachable.

To ensure the website met our AA accessibility standard, we used vibrant colour tones from the brand palette as key colour accents throughout the site, avoiding their use on content to ensure the information of the site is accessible to everyone.


The updated Neighbourhood Pharmacies design has completely reimagined the way the association, and its work, is presented to the public and members alike. 

The member experience has been brought to the forefront and allows the association to showcase advocacy efforts and centres all web content around strategic focus issues. “Teaser” content promotes deeper browsing while giving admins careful control over exclusive, members-only content.

 Drupal admins can easily highlight reports and publications and effortlessly publish new content to be dynamically promoted throughout the site.

User accounts and roles are synced directly with the association’s member data platform (Wicket) for ease of management for both admins and members.

The refreshed look and feel balances the energy and enthusiasm of the brand with the credibility and authority of the organization.

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