Wicket is a flexible, cloud-based database system specifically designed to integrate with the world's best software.

Imagine a platform that can store your core member or subscriber data, is based in the cloud, and is built to integrate with any third-party application. No more walls around your data.

Wicket makes this dream a reality. No longer do non-profits and associations need to put their data into bloated, over-priced, locked down proprietary software applications. With Wicket, take back your data, and provide your members or customers with the best possible user experience across your entire digital footprint.

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Our goals are simple:

free your data iconFree your data.
connectedness iconProvide connectedness.
ux iconImprove the user experience.
vendor agnostic iconVendor agnostic.

Affordable websites for small businesses.

Well Oiled Machine was born out of the desire to provide small businesses with an affordable solution for their website needs.


  • Mobile-friendly website
  • 45 day turnaround from start of project to launch!
  • Easily update your own content
  • Easily accepts payments online
Kevin AndrewsOctober 18,2017

Shopify developed a really neat drag and drop JS plugin: https://shopify.github.io/draggable/

Draggable JS – JavaScript drag and drop library
Draggable is a lightweight, responsive, modern drag and drop JavaScript library – the ideal choice for adding slick native-feeling drag and drop behaviour to your web apps.

Ryan KnuthOctober 16,2017


Simply Accessible
A smartphone accessibility primer; or, how I learned to stop worrying and master mobile accessibility » Simply Accessible
This is part one of a series of articles that will take you through the basics of mobile accessibility for Android and iPhone, and help you conduct an accessibility assessment on the mobile device of your choice. This week, we’ll start off by comparing TalkBack and VoiceOver screen reader software. Next, we’ll cover the basics of mobile accessibility for fonts and colours, then mobile switch controls, followed by a testing method for mobile for each popular operating system. Welcome aboard, and…

Ryan KnuthOctober 16,2017

It's largely assumed that this new incoming law will include web accessibility https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2017/10/15/accessibility-legislation-to-be-tabled-by-spring-2018-minister-says.html

Accessibility legislation to be tabled by spring 2018, minister says | Toronto Star
Minister Kent Hehr says the bill, which has been highly anticipated, will benefit both those with disabilities and their caregivers.

Derek EthierOctober 13,2017

Five Minute Guide to Software Security: https://www.oneupsecurity.com/research/five-minute-guide-to-software-security/

Learn To Develop Secure Software
Education is the best way to mitigate security breaches. Security is not only a business decision, but also a moral decision. Always seek advice from an experienced security professional.

Derek EthierOctober 5,2017
Ryan KnuthOctober 2,2017


7 Things Every Designer Needs to Know about Accessibility
Accessibility enables people with disabilities to perceive, understand, navigate, interact with and contribute to the web.