Creating a fun and exciting video sales tool

The Ottawa Senators promotional video on a desktop display

After working with Industrial for many years, the Ottawa Senators Sports and Entertainment Group contracted Industrial in June 2013 to produce a two-minute motion-graphic video.  The video would act as a sales tool, promoting corporate tickets sales and business development of its entertainment franchise, venues and activities.

The goal of the video was to generate excitement among clients for the upcoming hockey season, and to subsequently increase corporate sales.  The main challenge would be to translate the elaborate marketing text suggested into more concise advertising copy, appropriate for an up-beat video, without losing the core message.

Video production for a corporate audience

In order to create an informative and engaging sales video, Industrial carefully selected up-beat music and creative transitions that would combine the Senators’ commercial branding with the corporate messaging required.  Throughout the project, Industrial evaluated every element of the video on its impact and fit with the Senators’ existing marketing and promotional collateral.

Industrial took the lead throughout the planning, conceptualization and production processes, developing storyboards and providing asset management and production, cutting and editing services.  Video production made use of Adobe After Effects to provide innovative transitions and precise visual timing.

Screen capture form Ottawa Senators sales video.

Throughout the life of the video project, the Ottawa Senators experienced player trades and re-branding which would directly impact the images and messages used in the video.  Industrial was able to provide continued support throughout these changes, crediting an agile development process that allowed for late-stage iterations.

Overcoming late-game challenges

Screen capture form Ottawa Senators sales video.

The video, delivered on time and on budget, was deemed a success by the Ottawa Senators Sports and Entertainment Group and received positive feedback from its clients and stakeholders.  In light of corporate changes and the challenges inherent in them, the Industrial team was well-equipped to ensure the video production process resulted in a fun and engaging sales tool that captured the true spirit of hockey fandom in Ottawa.