WCAG, which stands for web content accessibility guidelines, is developed by W3C and consists of instructions on how to make websites more accessible to people with disabilities. Starting on June 30, 2021, the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) will mandate WCAG 2.0 AA compliance and businesses and non-profits with 20 or more employees and public sector organizations will be required to fill out an accessibility compliance report.

What does WCAG focus on?

All WCAG AA guidelines should be adhered to, however there are priority items to focus on that quickly bridge the gap between non-compliance and mostly compliant.

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The Accessibility 
Action Plan (AAP)
From Industrial

Industrial understands that your organization wants and needs to adhere to accessibility guidelines. We also know that all websites were not created equal, and perhaps not with these new standards in mind.

If your organization’s website is slightly behind and in need of a compliance rejuvenation, our action plan will chart you a new, accessible course.

What is required?

For the organizations that meet the size threshold mentioned above the following is required for the deadline;

  • All website and web content must be compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA. 
  • Submission of an Accessibility compliance report by June 30, 2021

iconFailure to comply may result in fines of up to $100,000 for each day violations go unresolved.

Industrial’s 4 Step Action Plan

We go beyond the legal accessibility requirement for your organization’s website. We test against WCAG 2.1 standards vs. the legal requirement of 2.0. Below is our 4 step action plan to get your website up to the legal requirement, and beyond.

1. Quick Audit

Industrial will use automated tools and spot checks to determine WCAG 2.1 AA compliance issues relating to HTML validation, use of headers, tabbing order and colour contrast.

This quick audit provides both your organization (and Industrial) an initial understanding of potential problem areas and possible simple fixes. 

We’ll do this step for free!

2. Full Website Review

Once the quick audit is done, we will then conduct a full review of all page types and templates, with validation against all WCAG 2.1 AA criteria.

Industrial will create an accessibility report with a full list of errors, warnings, ‘nice-to-haves’’ and our final recommendations. Cost of a full website review is highly dependent on the size and complexity of your organization's website. 

We’ll work with you to gain an understanding of your digital footprint a little better, then we can provide an understanding of cost for this task.

3. Accessibility Fixes

Execution of design/developmental solutions based on the recommendations of our experienced development and user experience teams.

Creation of new assets and development fixes by the Industrial team, as required.

This will depend on the scope of issues we find. We will walk you through everything and what the potential expense will be before we address anything.

4. Content Accessibility Training

Industrial will train your content administration team to highlight best practices and common pitfalls. We’ll include delivery of a content accessibility guideline document and corresponding cheat sheet.

We’ll provide your team ‘best practice’ documentation, a 2 hour Zoom or face-to-face (fingers crossed, one day) training session, and 4hrs of ongoing support consultation time.


Our Process

To meet quality and accessibility standards, Industrial develops individual test plans for each website. In these test plans, we make sure that not only quality is assured but that every task and feature is compliant from an accessibility perspective with these standards in mind:

  • All design comps are tested against WCAG guidelines for colour contrast
  • WCAG AA and ADA standards for accessibility are used as the baseline, including testing for use with assistive technology (AT), proper heading styles
  • Every new and existing feature is tested against web accessibility standards


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