One of the main objectives from SAC was to have a visually stunning website that would highlight their annual conference in a way that would maintain their brand, but also offer a new user experience to excite and inform members of the upcoming event. 

Here are some interesting tidbits pulled from our daily workflow using Twig. This was going to be a general twig topics article, but since we use it extensively in Drupal, this also includes Drupal specific tips as well that only apply in that context.

1. Loop variables

It can be helpful to know which loop iteration you're on, to figure out if you need to continue outputting delimiters or dividers, and if you need to satisfy some other logic such as "only do this on the first iteration" as an example.

Over time, the goals and needs of a website change and the question of redeveloping or updating comes up. Using real estate as an analogy, the question can present itself as "reno or demo"? Website development and maintenance can often hold parallels to that of housing development and upkeep. 

Before we started creating our new labs page, one of the features we were looking for was Slack integration.

Here at Industrial, we use Slack on a daily basis to communicate with each other. It's a powerful tool that lets you converse in a number of ways. Some of the features we use involve reacting to messages posted by others with emojis, sharing files, starting group conversations and contributing to topic-specific channels which others are members of.

A tale of how the new Industrial website came to be under Drupal 8, the latest (still in beta) version of one of the most popular open source content management systems in the world.

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