Using Exceptional Design to Reach Clients

Business sherpa group website on desktop

In 2014 Industrial began a project for Business Sherpa Group (BSG), an Ottawa based management consulting firm that provides embedded business services. They faced the challenge that their existing website was not modern and did not have the user friendly experience that was becoming standard for the industry. Industrial was initially contacted to perform a redesign of their current website while keeping the content and structure the same.

Industrial focused on the importance of design and user experience on this project. Using the structure of the existing website, they redesigned the navigation and page layout, to provide focus on the important aspects of BSG’s service offering. Industrial also performed custom front end development to implement navigation animations as the user scrolls through the page. The dynamic navigations created by Industrial helps to create an experience for BSG’s customers that help set themselves apart from their competition.

Features To Support Business Goals

As the website was under development, certain functionality became higher priority and was required for the launch of the website. Initially these features were anticipated to be future enhancements, however the growing needs of the business meant that the development strategy needed to pivot to accommodate these requirements.

To provide additional value to BSG’s users, Industrial built out three major feature additions for the website. The first was a job board section which allowed BSG to create and manage employment postings. The second was a member’s portal that enabled BSG’s clients to login and access exclusive content. Finally, Industrial also built functionality into the BSG website to allow for interactive online training courses to be offered. Industrial was able to leverage its expertise with the WordPress platform in order to deliver the additional features in time for the website’s launch.

Screen shot of the BSG website

Partnership For Continuous Improvement

A major part of a successful website redesign is continually looking forward to improve the experience for the end user. With the core functionality completed, BSG was able to create a roadmap of enhancements that will benefit their customers. The partnership between BSG and Industrial allows for the opportunity to build out longer term features over time, and provide a lasting benefit to the end users.

Screen shot of the BSG website