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The Canadian Dental Association website provides information to the public about dental health and the dentistry profession. It is also a portal to its association member support library. 


Classic Makeover

The Canadian Dental Association public website had evolved over several years in classic .asp, with a design that mirrored to orange and grey of the original CDA logo. Significant improvements had been made to the site as recently as 2015, when Industrial conducted an Accessibility Audit. CDA web team implemented the recommendations for accessibility improvements. However, the look and feel of the site was in dire need of modernization. Furthermore, the site was not responsive or mobile-friendly. 


The Implementation

The project called for a fresh and appealing design that had some warmth. As an informational site for the public, the CDA website needed to be relatively personable and inviting (rather than clinical or conservative). Industrial took advantage of its recent redesign of the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association to build on the modernization of CDA's online presence. Both designs stay true to the red and grey of the CDA logo, while introducing a subtle, neutral blue. The result for both sites is visually light and clean, and to lighten the tone of the CDA site, we introduced a full-width banner on the home page of a child brushing her teeth. 

CDA did not have a pressing need to migrate the site to a Content Management System, and was content to continue maintaining the site in classic .asp. Industrial was asked to work with the existing .asp files. This meant the implementation was largely a front-end project and changes would be handled almost entirely with stylesheets. This required that we develop a strategy for implementing the new design, and adding breakpoints, without modifying the core markup of the files. 

Canadian Dental Association mobile

Light and On-Brand

The result is a light, on-brand, and consistent user experience between and Both sites are now accessible and responsive.

Canadian Dental Association tablet