CPHA website design

The Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) is the independent national voice and trusted advocate for public health, speaking up for people and populations to all levels of government. Having recently partnered with CPHA to launch the new https://immunize.ca website, the organization approached us to work on the reimagining of the organization's corporate website.

The Challenge

CPHA's existing website had been in use for several years and was in need of a rebuild from the ground up. The visual interface had become stale, and while the website had become a clearinghouse of content over the years, the structure of the site made this content difficult to discover. The new site would need to be much more user-friendly and properly prioritize important content while using consistent structure and hierarchy.

The CPHA website was rich in resources, and a key component of the project would be to migrate these resources from the existing custom database application into a modern Content Management System (CMS).

Our Approach

CPHA website on mobile

Taking a content-first approach, our team collaborated closely with CPHA to identify the key areas of focus in putting together a plan for the new site:

  • Refreshed design: CPHA was working with a branding agency to refresh their entire brand (including their logo). It was our job to take their new brand guidelines and translate them into a fresh design for their website.
  • Ease-of-use: There were a lot of sections and content on the site that were either hard to find or lacked a clear call to action. Making the website easier for the user to navigate was top of mind.
  • Structured content: On their old site, non-critical content was often prioritized visually. The homepage appeared cluttered and lacked proper hierarchy. Our UX designer worked with CPHA to ensure their content was properly organized and structured based on priority, calls to action and findability.
  • Responsive layout: The existing website did not scale well on smartphones and tablets, and as an increasing number of CPHA's users utilize the site on mobile devices, these platforms had to be taken into account.
  • Content management: The existing website was running a custom CMS platform. Industrial deployed the open source Drupal 8 content management system to empower CPHA's staff with distributed and robust content management.
  • Bilingual: All areas of the site needed to be bilingual in English and French.

Industrial’s impact

CPHA website contact page

For the transition, we were lucky to be working with a client who had a technical background and with minimal training, were able to help our team migrate over all relevant content from the legacy site to the new site, ensuring the transition from old to new will be seamless, with virtually no disruption in service for existing users.

Through close collaboration with CPHA, Industrial used Drupal 8 as the site’s foundation and was able to design a well structured, visually appealing and responsive new website.

Visit the site at https://www.cpha.ca/