Creating a tool for engagement with hockey fans

Ottawa Senators Fan Council Website, desktop view

The Ottawa Senators and Industrial have enjoyed a long working relationship. In 2014 the Senators contacted Industrial about building a fan engagement tool that can help the hockey club improve the fan experience.

The Fan Council application was envisioned as a crowd-sourced feedback tool. Users would be able to submit ideas to better improve the experience of watching a live Ottawa Senators game, and vote for or against ideas submitted by other fans. The Senators would then be able to see the most influential suggestions for improvement, and put them in to action.

Identifying the best feedback platform

The Ottawa Senators had been previously using as their customer relationship management (CRM) software. had developed a platform (called ideas) that served as a customer feedback tool similar to what the Senators were interested in implementing. By leveraging this integration with the Senator’s existing CRM, Industrial was able to build the software solution with a quick launch cycle. The platform also allowed for data obtained through the Fan Council to easily be tracked to customers in the CRM, such as building out more detailed profiles for season ticket holders.

In order to incentivize the participation in the Fan Council, Industrial constructed the application to have limited access and provide Fan Council users with exclusive rewards such as videos showing how the improvements that were voted for were working. The application’s user experience and visual design was tailored to give visitors the feeling that they were being empowered to improve the Ottawa Senators and that they had a medium for seeing the results.

Screen shot of the Sens Fan Council website

Looking Forward with Salesforce

After the launch of the Fan Council platform, the website experienced a high amount of user engagement. There was an immediate interest in the site, with many ideas and comments being posted. The speed in which fans began to use and interact with the site exceeded the expectations of the Ottawa Senators.

With the success of the Fan Council project, Industrial began mapping out improvements and enhancements to the platform. They began exploring options for more rapid deployment of the tool, and ways to improve the integration with Salesforce. With the clear benefits to the Ottawa Senators, Industrial is looking towards a rollout for other professional sports teams in the industry, with a platform that can have a lasting impact on the fan experience.

Screen shot of the Sens Fan Council website