New Wicket logo shown on business cards and letterhead

Over the past year Industrial has been working hard developing our own member data management platform, Wicket.

Wicket is an open source database platform that helps organizations manage core member/customer data, and lifecycle. It's built under a model known as "API-first," meaning that any authorized software application can "talk" to the data: read it, update it, add to it.

It has been designed to tightly integrate with existing websites while leveraging best-of-breed open source software solutions for day-to-day activities such as event management, document management, online discussions, and more.

The Wicket marketing site and brand was initially launched in the summer of 2015 and was in need of revisiting.

The Design Challenge

Create a logo that embodies the innovative, lightweight characteristics associated with the Wicket platform. The brand should be smart, clean and approachable with a sophisticated edge.


Capturing the excitement

Original Wicket logo

The existing brand had been created when the idea of Wicket was still being formed. As a result, the original logo was a literal interpretation of the tool. While this ‘diagram’ worked well when explaining the anatomy of Wicket, as a brand mark it felt clunky and forgettable. We needed a logo that would reflect our excitement and the significance of this new platform.


If Wicket were a person, who would it be?


As part of the logo development process we had to clarify what Wicket was all about. Here are some of the key terms that helped guide the creative process.

  • connectedness

  • freedom

  • member

  • person / people

  • micro services

  • smart storage

  • open

  • distributed

  • foundation

  • simple

  • modern

  • integration

We had fun imagining Wicket as a person:

  • business casual

  • young

  • geek

  • drives a Tesla

  • wears glasses

  • really smart

  • trim and fit

  • takes care of himself

  • good looking

  • quite social, likes to host parties

  • likes to bring people together

  • modest/humble

  • knows he can't be the best at everything, he knows he's really good at what he does

  • wants to help people

Although it may seem like a silly exercise, this allowed us to envision the brand in a tangible way. With all this in mind we were ready to get started.


The Concept

Concept sketches for the new Wicket logo

The design process focused largely on visualizing data, connectedness and freedom. The dynamic shape of the ‘W’ served as the centrepiece for this exploration.


The Result

Final wicket logo

The final logo successfully blends our inspiration into one unified symbol. The simple geometric lines create a powerful mark that embodies the innovative and sharp spirit we intended.  The word mark carries a strong connection to the industrial brand and gives the logo some weight.


Full version, logo mark and logo version with tagline

The Wicket logo can be used as a full version, abbreviated as a mark or with a tagline for versatility of application.



The logo is only part of the overall brand. To help establish a consistent look and tone for Wicket we created a style guide to define colour palette, typography and graphic elements associated with the brand.

Samples from the wicket brand guidelines showing fonts, colours and icons

When applied to marketing materials, presentations and the website the brand voice is strong and consistent.

Wicket trade show roll-up banners
Roll-up trade show banners
Samples from the Wicket presentation deck
Samples from the Wicket presentation deck website

At Industrial we are so excited about Wicket and now we have a brand that reflects that.