SAC Conference Site website displayed on different devices, demonstrating its ability to adapt to many screensObjectives

This project had three main objectives:

1 - Brand and User Experience

One of the main objectives from SAC was to have a visually stunning website that would highlight their annual conference in a way that would maintain their brand, but also offer a new user experience to excite and inform members of the upcoming event.  The desire was for members to visit the Conference Site, and still feel connected to SAC but now have a clear call to action and focus for the annual event that would drive registration.

2 - Administrative ease of use

Secondly, the previous conference website was rigid from a content management perspective and the desire was to create a new site that would allow for easy manipulation and creation of content by SAC.

3 - The “mobile” problem

A priority for Speech-Language & Audiology Canada was that the previous website was simply not mobile friendly.  There was no ability with the previous conference site for a user to interact with the site on a mobile device.  Effectively, browsing the site on a mobile device would show a scaled down version without any mobile responsive behaviour, making the experience difficult at best.

Sac Schedule on ipad and iphone

The Approach

Industrial worked directly with SAC to truly understand their brand so we created a mood board that would set the stage for the theme of the new site. This clearly outlined the approach that we would take to maintain the SAC brand as well as adhere to accessibility standards. We took the time to review every detail down to imagery, colour palette, and even font to ensure that the brand was maintained. From this, Industrial created high fidelity design prototypes of the website that outlined the visual attractiveness of the new site as well as the user experience from an interaction perspective when using the site.  This method of review with SAC was extremely beneficial in showing them not only which pages were being created, but highlighted how the user would experience them.

For the administrative approach of content management, Industrial is and always will be a believer in cutting edge and modern technology.  We believe that in order to maintain a voice in the digital space you need to be current and leverage the best of breed tools and technology. This website was created using the open source Drupal 8 content management framework.

The Industrial Difference

The team at Industrial examined the needs, concerns, and hardships that were outlined by SAC and developed a solution that was both innovative and intuitive. Not only is the new conference website visually stunning with the vibrant imagery and attractive layout, it maintains the proud brand of SAC while providing information in an accessible format that is now mobile responsive. Websites are not just about the information. They are about the experience for any user on any device, anywhere. That is the Industrial difference.


SAC conference site on imac

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