Sensplex website, desktop view

Enhancing the Ottawa Senators brand and increasing program registrations were the driving forces of the re-design and development of the Sensplex website. Industrial worked with Senators Sports & Entertainment to create a responsive website that has streamlined registration in hockey leagues, programs and tournaments, and has created efficiencies by allowing staff to update the information on the website.

The Sensplex, part of Capital Sports Management Inc., is a division of the Ottawa Senators. Enhancing the Senators branding on the Sensplex website was one of the key corporate goals for Capital Sports Management Inc. Industrial utilized the Ottawa Senators brand and the pattern of their third jersey as the website background to align the visual identity of the Sensplex. The main challenge that Industrial overcame, was to ensure that programs, leagues and tournaments were easy-to-find by their core audience.

To achieve the goal of facilitating program and tournament registrations, Industrial began with a digital strategy that provided key insights and analysis into the previous Sensplex website and its website analytics. A key component of the planning phase was to map out the entire lifecycle of the customer and identifying the key interaction points Sensplex has with the customer. With this information Industrial was able to provide an architecture, taxonomy and layout that addressed the concerns with the previous Sensplex website and increased engagement with the customer.

Screen shot of the website

Industrial delivered a Drupal 7 website that aligned with the branding of the Ottawa Senators. A key feature of the new website is the multi-faceted search that allows leagues, programs and tournaments to be filtered by location, age and type. Industrial also configured the site’s analytics, in order to support ongoing maintenance to the site based on how users interact with it.

The Sensplex site’s multi-faceted search feature is the heartbeat of the website as it allows the user to quickly find the information they are looking for. With Industrial’s guidance, CSMI was able to classify its content according to the developed taxonomy, making search easier for its users. Putting the user first, this search feature has led to an increase in registrations through the website, meeting CSMI’s ultimate goal in redeveloping the Sensplex site.